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Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire

Hot dipped galvanized iron wire specifications:

Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire (with one end) Weight/ reel (coil)
Diameter 0,4mm - 10kg/reel 10
Diameter 0,4mm - 2kg/reel 2
Diameter 0,5mm - 10kg/reel 10
Diameter 0,5mm - 2kg/reel 2
Diameter 0,7mm - coil 15
Diameter 0,8mm - coil 20
Diameter 1,0mm - coil 20

Hot dipped galvanized (before weave) wire mesh Weight / rolls
Diameter 0,5mm x 2,5x2,5mm (Mesh) 1m x 25m 25
Diameter 0,8mm x 2,0x2,0mm (Mesh) 1m x 15m 43
Diameter 0,8mm x 3,0x3,0mm (Mesh) 1m x 15m 28.5
Diameter 1,0mm x 4,0x4,0mm (Mesh) 1m x 15m 24
Diameter 1,2mm x 6,0x6,0mm (Mesh) 1m x 15m 37.5
Diameter 1,2mm x 10,0x10,0mm (Mesh) 1m x 15m 37.5
Diameter 2,0mm x 10,0x10,0mm (Mesh) 1m x 10m 40
Diameter 2,0mm x 20,0x20,0mm (Mesh) 1m x 15m 30

Welded wire mesh, hot dipped galvanized after welding Weight / rolls
Diameter 1,4mm x 13x13mm (Mesh) 1m x 25m 47.63
Diameter 1,0mm x 19x19mm (Mesh) 0,50m x 5m 46.35
Diameter1,4mm x 19x19mm (Mesh) 1m x 25m 31.85
Diameter 1,8mm x 25x25mm (Mesh) 1m x 25m 40
Diameter 0,8mm x 25x25mm (Mesh) 1m x 50m 16
Diameter 2,0mm x 50x50mm (Mesh) 1m x 25m 25

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