Square wire mesh common specification:
Wire mesh
0.04 × 0.03.
0.056 × 0.04.
0.064 × 0.032.
0.071 × 0.055.
0.08 × 0.055.
0.16 × 0.12.
0.25 × 0.15 (0.16).
0.2 × 0.13.
0.4  × 0.2.
0.63 × 0.32.
0.9 × 0.36.
1.1 × 0.28.

Square wire mesh characteristics

  1. The size of a wire mesh. In the first figure the size of the wire mesh, the second diameter of a wire is underlined. Wire mesh 0,04 × 0,03.
  2. The wire mesh should not have mechanical damages, the excesses which have been broken off and sew of places. Weaver's defects in the form of ticks, loops, shafts in quantity no more than 2 pieces on 1 square meter of a cloth are supposed.
  3. A material of a wire: a steel 12X18H10T, 12X18H9T, 12X18H10, 12X18H9.
  4. The cloth of a wire mesh should be clean, without oil and other physical or chemical pollution.
  5. Length of pieces of a cloth in a coil not less than 10 running meters, width 1000 - 1200 mm (1000 mm are desirable).
  6. Spontaneous turning a cloth in a coil is not supposed.
  7. Packing can provide safety of physical and qualitative characteristics of a wire mesh.
  8. Each coil is notched by the label with the indication: the manufacturer, the size of a wire mesh, a material of a wire, quantity in meters.
  9. All batches are accompanied by the certificate of quality with the indication: the manufacturer, quantity of a wire mesh of each size (in meters, quantity of coils), a material of a wire (on each position).
  10. All batches are accompanied by the certificate of an origin of the goods.

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