Flexible and Versatile Square Post for Metal Fence Fastening

A piece of welded wire mesh panel is installed on the square post.
SP-01: Square post is ideal for metal fence panel fastening and supporting.

Square post, another widely used fence post type, is manufactured from low carbon steel or hot rolled steel to be used for supporting almost all kinds of metal fence panels. The high quality material makes the square post high strength and withstand high wind forces and external forces. The square post is commonly treated with galvanization and PVC coating to improve the corrosion and rust resistance performance and extend the service life.

Specifications of square post

  • Material: low carbon steel pipe or hot rolled steel pipe.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized or PVC coated.
  • Thickness: 1 mm - 4 mm.
  • Length: 0.5 m - 3.5 m. Special sizes can be customized.
Square post specification
Item Post type Post size
Post thickness
SPS-01 Square post 40 × 40 1 – 2
SPS-02 Square post 50 × 50 1 – 2
SPS-03 Square post 60 × 60 1 – 3
SPS-04 Square post 80 × 80 2 – 4
SPS-05 Square post 120 × 120 2 – 4
SPS-06 Rectangular post 40 × 60 1 – 3
SPS-07 Rectangular post 60 ×80 1 – 4
SPS-08 Rectangular post 60 × 120 1 – 4

Surface treatment of square post

  • Galvanized square post. Thicker zinc coating can supply the smooth and bright surface for the square post and it has excellent corrosion and rust resistance performance.
  • PVC coated square post. The PVC coating colors are various based on the RAL colors. Common seen colors are green, white, blue, yellow. The various colors can make the security fence system beautiful and be blended with surrounding environments.
Several pieces of galvanized square post on the ground.
SP-02: Galvanized square post.
Several pieces of green color PVC coated square post on the ground.
SP-03: PVC coated square post.

Shapes of square post

  • Rectangular post. Widely used in the 358 mesh fence system, 3D security fence and other protective metal fence system.
  • Square post. Wider application than the rectangular post. It can be used in almost all the security fence system for supporting and securing.
Several rectangular square post on the ground with one detail of rectangular post.
SP-04: Rectangular post.
Several square posts with plastic films on the ground with one opened.
SP-05: Square post.

Customized types of square post

In some applications, the square post should be customized for easy installation.

  • Square post with side ears. Square post with side ear is a type of connection type for easy installation and fixation of fence panels.
  • Square post with crank arms. Square post with crank arms is convenient for placing the barbed wire. It can be divided into single crank arm, which is used for barbed wire, and the double crank arm, which is used with razor wires.
  • Square post with flange. Square post with flange is widely used in the concrete or hard ground for bolt-down fixation applications.
Square post with side ear is placed on the ground tidily.
SP-06: Square post with side ear.
A bundle of square posts with flange on the ground.
SP-07: Square post with flange.

Accessories of square post

  • Fence post cap. Fence post cap is installed at the top of square post to prevent rains, snows and other weather element from erosion the square post.
  • Various clips and clamps.
A green color plastic post cap on the white background.
SP-8: Plastic fence post cap.
A hand is installing the plastic fence post cap onto the 3D security fence.
SP-9: Fence post cap on 3D security fence.
A plastic clamp and a metal clamp is places on the white background.
SP-10: Clamps of square post.
Two kinds of square post clips on the white background.
SP-11: Clips of square post.

Connection types of square post

The square post is used for supporting and connecting the metal fence panel, according to different types of fence panels and applications, the square post has different connection types with different accessories, here are the detailed introduction for the connection, just refer to them and decide which one you prefer.

  • Single clips connection. It use the clip and bolts and nuts to fasten the fence panel onto the post. The clips are fastened to the side surface of square post.
  • Double clips connection. Double sets of clips and bolts and nuts to fasten the 3D security fence onto the front surface of square post. It is mainly used in the curvy fence panels to supply higher holding power and better rigidity for the fence panel.
  • Plastic clamp connection. Tighten the plastic clamp and fastened the fence panel with bolts and nuts. It is simple then the metal clamp connection. Moreover, the plastic clamp is more economical than the metal clamps. And it is easy to install and replace the worn clamps.
  • Metal clamp connection. Two metal clamp and two sets and bolts and nuts to fasten the two neighbor fence panels onto the square post. It has more stable than the plastic clamp connection. Besides, it has longer service life.
  • Plate connection. It is widely seen in the 358 mesh fence and anti-climb fence system. Fasten the two neighbor panels onto the square post on one point with plate and bolts and nuts. It needs at least three sets of accessories in one square post, which is evenly positioned on the top, middle and bottom.
  • Sheet connection. Another widely seen type in the 358 mesh fence system. Place two neighbor fence panel onto the square post, cover a steel sheet, which is drilling holes in advance. Fasten the steel sheet and sheet with bolts and nuts at last. This type can supply a whole fastness for the fence panel compared with the point fastness than the plate connection.
Two green color curvy wire mesh fences are connected by single clip.
SP-12: Single clip connection.
Two green color curvy wire mesh fences are connected by double clips.
SP-13: Double clip connection.
Two pieces of double wire fences are connected by plastic clamp.
SP-14: Plastic clamp connection.
Two pieces of black welded wire mesh panels are connected by the metal clamp.
SP-15: Metal clamp connection.
Two pieces of 358 mesh fences are connected by the plate.
SP-16: Plate connection.
Two pieces of white anti-climb fences are connected by the sheet.
SP-17: Sheet connection.

Fixation type of square post

  • Embedded in the earth ground.
  • Concrete-in the concrete ground.
  • Bolt-down on the hard ground.
A square post is concreted in the concrete ground.
SP-18: Concrete-in fixation type.
A green color square posts are bolted onto the ground.
SP-19: Bolt-down fixation type.

Features of square post

  • High strength to withstand the high impact form wind and external forces.
  • Galvanization or PVC coating supplies excellent corrosion and rust resistance for the square post.
  • Various clips and clamps make the square post is easy to install and uninstall.
  • RAL colors make the square post colorful and beautiful in surrounding environments.
  • Fence post cap can protect square post from being corroded by the rain, snow and other weather elements.
  • Different fixation ways make it be used in more applications and using environments.
  • Flexible installation method to suit more metal fence panels and applications.
  • Little maintenance cost.
Framework fences are installed beside of the railway with barbed wire on the single crank arm square post.
SP-20: Single crank arm for easy installation of barbed wire.
3D security fences are installed outside of the airport with razor wires on the double crank arm square posts.
SP-21: Double crank arm square post is convenient for installing razor wire.

Applications of square post

Square post has a wide range of applications in various security fence system, detailed applications are as follows:

Double wire fences are installed in the factory with square post.
SP-22: Square post for double wire fence.
Green color roll top fences are installed in the garden with red and yellow square posts.
SP-23: Square post for roll top fence.
Three pointed corrugated pale palisade fences are installed in the yard with square post.
SP-24: Square post for palisade fence.
Several pieces of anti-climb fences are installed in the prison with razor wire on the square post.
SP-25: Square post for anti-climb fence.
Green color framework metal fence are installed in the grassland with razor wire on the square post.
SP-26: Square post for framework wire mesh fence.
3D security fences are installed in the outdoors.
SP-27: Square post for 3D security fence.

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