Construction Demand for Fox Shed and Galvanized Welded Fox Cage

A man is feeding the foxes who live in the welded wire mesh panels cage.
The design of the edge opening is for feeding foxes.

The fox shed is an open architecture of north-south direction and it consists of shed column, shed beam and shed roof. To make sure the fox shed is firm, we can choose bricks, steel or cement to build the shed.

For fox sheds, two types are optional, one is double pitch roof and another is simple lean-to roof. The eave’s height of double pitch roof is 1.8 m – 2.0 m and the spacing between sheds should be more than 3 m. The front eave’s height of simple lean-to roof is 1.8 – 2.0 m, the back is 1.5 – 1.7 m and the spacing between sheds is more than 1.5 m.

Fox cage plays important role in the fox farm. The cage is usually made of galvanized coating welded wire mesh panels with high corrosion resistance. Or we can build the cage with welded wire mesh panels mixed the cement. We choose the 10 gauge welded wire mesh for the bottom panel and 12 gauge for other panels. For the bottom panel the wire mesh opening can’t be more than 3 cm × 3 cm and for the other panels the opening can’t be more than 2.5 cm × 2.5 cm. The cage size for general fox should be more than 100 × 87 × 70 cm while the purebred fox cage should be 150 × 90 × 70 cm. While for adult fox, the area can’t be less than 0.75 m2.

Two white adult foxes are in the galvanised welded wire mesh panel cages, one is standing and another is laying.
Two white foxes in the welded wire mesh cages.

The welded wire mesh panel fox cage can be arranged on single & double row. The double row arrangement is for the purebred fox. A 1.5–2.0 m width operating road between the rows should be left. The welded wire mesh panel fox cage can increase safety for both of the foxes and workers.

An opening of 40 cm × 50 cm is designed as the door on the front welded panel. The opening for food is designed near the bottom panel and the opposite is the 25–35 cm height opening for automatically drinking device. The welded wire mesh fox cage should be 75–90 cm far away from the ground and the distance between cages is 5–10 cm.

A little rest room is prepared for the fox kids and pregnant foxes. The adult fox feeds its baby in the rest room. The little room is also made of galvanized coating welded wire mesh. On the bottom panel is put the grass mat.

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