How to distinguish the variety of welded wire meshes and get the high quality one? Now we are going to do the particular introduction. The welded wire mesh looks simple but actually it needs high technical to support. The standard is for three aspects: wire diameter, the wire mesh size and the welding firmness. The following is about the quality demands for the welded wire mesh.

Different welded wire meshes are here, big size, small size, galvanized welded wire and PVC welded wire.
Four type welded wire meshes are distinguished by rigid production standard.

The requires for the welded point

First of all, the welded point must be firm enough while welding the wire mesh. There is not missing welding and incomplete welding after welding or the wire mesh would just be like scrap iron. So what kind of welded point is qualified? For example, two welded wire meshes whose wire diameter is 3 mm, double wire superposition of the total height of 6 mm, should be between 4–5 mm for the best double wire welding stack height after welding. The welded point is too shallow resulting in that the welding is not strong. The welded points are too deep resulting in that the support force weaken and it’s easy to break.

Reasonable tolerance in size

The size of the general architecture welded wire mesh is different from that of the high-precision machine equipment. So the general requirement size of the welded wire mesh is not particularly precise. On the process of welding, the thermal expansion and contraction of the wire mesh usually cause some deviations, so a reasonable deviation would certainly exist. Generally the diagonal tolerance is within ±5 mm, the mesh size of the tolerance is within ±2 mm.

The control of wire diameter for the welded wire mesh

There is not too much explanation here, we all know that the export wire diameter standard tolerance should be controlled within ±0.05 mm.

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