Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Panels for Mink Farm

The mink farm is the based structure for mink keeping. It includes the mink cage and the playing field. The quality of the mink hair can be influenced by many conditions such as the specifications of the playing field and the area of it. It would waste space if the playing field is too big. And it’s unfavourable to keep the minks if the playing field is too small. The mink needs enough space to grow up.

There is a row of welded wire mesh mink cages and many beautiful white minks are kept in it.
White minks live in the galvanized welded wire mesh cage and a feeding plate is on the edge.

The specification of the mink farm

The new mink farm is well-known with the big mink farm and the farmers. The new mink farm is made up with mink cage and playing field. Six cages are formed to one unit. The side of the cage is made of 310 × 220 × 280 mm density board. The cover is the flexible welded wire mesh in the place of the old wood cover. The mesh opening is 25 × 25 mm. The bottom is double layer wire meshes and the first layer is fixed. There is a flexible switch wire mesh whose distance is 50 mm from the fixed wire mesh. Its mesh opening is 25 × 12 mm. The playing field is 710 × 310 × 460 mm. The front part of the cage top is used to fill the food with 300 × 225 mm. The mesh opening is 25 × 25 mm. The latter part of the cage is 300 × 400 mm and its mesh opening is 25 × 40 mm. The both sides of the cage is 25 × 12 mm. A 120 mm diameter entrance is designed between the cage and the playing field and it’s inlaid with a circle of metal. The distance between the cage and the ground is 420 mm.

The advances of the new cage

  1. The material of the cage: the old cage's material is wood and it’s specification is not uniform. The galvanized welded wire mesh and the board is used to be make the new cage. It looks neat and beautiful with the uniform standard. It is the premier choice for the large-scale farming and standardized breeding.
  2. The specification of the playing field: the playing field is bigger than before. The area of the new playing field is 710 ×310 ×460 mm and the old one is 450 × 400 × 310 mm. The new playing field is narrow, deep and high. There is enough activities space for minks to run. The cage is high so that the minks have to try its hard to climb. Thus it can help to stretch the mink’s body and to increase its skin length so that the mink hair is flexible. It’s no need to clean the food bowl and the labor cost is saved. The design improves work efficiency greatly.
  3. Windshield is arranged by the entrance: when the minks wants to do activities they can go to the playing fields through the entrance. The entrance is inlaid by metal and it can prevent the mink from biting the cage. During the litter season the windshield can block the cold and keep warm so that the little mink can survive. And the mink would not fall to the playing field and freeze to death
  4. The playing field mat: during the litter season the welded wire mesh mat is putted on the playing field. The little mink wouldn’t fall off in the mesh opening of the playing field with the protection of the mat. The welded wire mesh mat could be putted away when the mink grows up.

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