Round Fence Post – Galvanized or Coated for Corrosion Resistance

Round fence post is one of the most widely used post type to support wire mesh fence panels. The round post is made from Q195 or Q235 steel pipes and then galvanized or PVC coated for better corrosion and rust resistance. The round post can be used with various wire mesh fence panels with different connection types.

Types of round post

  • Straight type. Round post is commonly supplied in straight type, which can suit almost all the wire mesh fences and applications.
  • Bending type. Sometimes, the round post will be bent into a certain angle to prevent intruders from climbing into the unwanted areas. The bending angle is customized according to the wire mesh fence panel bending angel and specified applications.
Several double edge fences with bending round post.
RP-01: Bending round post.
Several double edge fences with straight round post besides of the road.
RP-02: Straight round post.

Anti-corrosion surface treatment method

  • Galvanized round post. Round post in the wire mesh fence applications is commonly hot dipped galvanized, which has thicker zinc coating for better corrosion and rust resistance performance. The hot dipped galvanized surface treatment can also supply bright surface. Galvanized round post is commonly used with galvanized steel wire mesh fences.
  • PVC coated round post. The round post can be coated with different colors based on the RAL. Commonly used colors are white, green, red, blue, yellow and so on. The PVC coating can not only supply excellent corrosion and rust resistance performance, but various colors to blend with surrounding environments. The PVC coated round post is commonly used with PVC coated wire mesh panels.
Several galvanized bending type round post on the ground.
RP-03: Galvanized round post.
Several PVC coated bending type round post on the ground.
RP-04: PVC coated round post.

Production process of round post

Here are the detailed introduction and pictures of round post production process. Just refer to them and learn more about the round post.

  • Material. The material of round post is commonly Q195 or Q235.
  • Cutting. According to different applications and fence height, the round posts are cut into different length.
  • Hole drilling. Drill holes on the post for easy installation of fence and fast fixation of bolts and nuts.
  • Side ear welding. In some wire mesh applications, it need side ears to fasten the wire mesh panel onto the round post. So it need to weld the side ear in advance.
  • Surface treatment. Surface treatment can be galvanized or PVC coated to improve the corrosion and rust resistance performance and extend the service life of round post.
  • Packing. All the round posts are perfectly packed to resist the external impact or weather corrosion during transporting. The commonly package is plastic bags and pallet. We can packed the round post according to your requirements.
Several Q195 steel pipes on the ground.
RP-05: Material.
A worker is drilling holes on the steel pipe.
RP-06: Hole drilling.
Several green color PVC coated round posts on the ground.
RP-07: Surface treatment.
Several round posts with plastic bags on the ground.
RP-08: Package.

Specifications of round post

  • Material: Q195 or Q235 steel pipe.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized or PVC coated.
  • Color: black, green, red, yellow or any other RAL colors.
  • Length: 0.75 m – 3.2 m. All depends on the fence height and applications.
  • Post diameter: 32 mm – 120 mm.
  • Post thickness: 0.5 mm – 2.5 mm.

Accessories of round post

  • Fence post cap. Fence post cap can be metal or plastic. Both them can be installed top of the round post to prevent rains, snows and other elements from corroding the inner surface of post.
  • Single arm extension. The single arm extension is usually installed at the top of round post for placing and fastening barbed wires for high security factor.
  • Double arm extension. The double arm extensions are also installed at the top of round post for placing and fastening barbed wires. It can also be installed with razor barbed wires to improve the security grade.
  • Plastic clamp. Plastic clamp is used to secure the wire mesh fence panels on the position and connection two neighbor panels. It is connected by one set of bolts and nuts.
  • Metal clamp. it is used for securing the wire mesh fence panels and connecting the panels together. The metal clamp is composed of two pieces of metal clamp, rubber gasket and two sets of bolts and nuts.
A galvanized metal post cap on the ground.
RP-09: Metal fence post cap.
Two pieces of chain link fences are connected by the round post with metal fence post cap.
RP-10: Metal fence post cap on chain link fencing.
A green color plastic fence post cap on the ground.
RP-11: Plastic fence post cap.
A piece of welded wire mesh fence panel is fastened to the round post with plastic cap.
RP-12: Plastic fence post cap on welded wire mes fence.
A two-arm extension on the ground.
RP-13: Two-arm extension.
Chain link fences are connected by the round post with two-arm extensions for barbed wire.
RP-14: Two-arm extension for chain link fence barbed wire.
A single arm extension on the ground.
RP-15: Single arm extension.
Single arm extension with barbed wire is on the round post, which is fastening chain link fence.
RP-16: Single arm extension for barbed wire.
A green color plastic clamp on the ground.
RP-17: Plastic clamp.
Two pieces of curvy welded wire mesh fences are connected by round post and plastic clamp.
RP-18: Plastic clamp for connecting 3D security fence.
A dark green color metal clamp on the ground.
RP-19: Metal clamp.
A hand is holding a blue color round post with metal clamp.
RP-20: Metal clamp installed on round post.

Fixation type of round post

  • Embedded type. Commonly, the round post is embedded into earth at least 30 cm to fasten the post and wire mesh fence panel.
  • Bolt type. In the concrete surfaces, the round post can be fastened onto the concrete ground with bolts and nuts.
Several pieces of 3D security fences are installed on the earth.
RP-21: Embedded fixation type posts.
Several pieces of welded wire mesh panels are fixed on the concrete surface.
RP-22: Bolts fixation type posts.

Applications of round post

The round post is widely used as supporting post in various wire mesh security fence system, such as:

  • Double edge wire mesh fence.
  • Framework wire mesh fence.
  • Roll top fence.
  • Double circle fence.
  • 3D security fence.
  • Chain link fencing.
Double edge fence are installed besides of the highway.
RP-23: Round post for double edge fence system.
Framework wire mesh fences are installed beside of the river.
RP-24: Round post for framework wire mesh fence.
Several pieces of double circle fences are installed outside of the building.
RP-25: Round post for double circle fence.
Several pieces of roll top fences are installed on the road.
RP-26: Round post for roll top fence.
Several pieces of chain link fencing are installed on the road.
RP-27: Round post for chain link fencing.
Several pieces of 3D security fences are installed outside of the factory.
RP-28: Round post for 3D security fence.

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