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Electro galvanized welded wire mesh warehouse

Electro Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh

Electro galvanized welded wire mesh is used in construction as reinforcement mesh. Specification: 5/8"×5/8", wire Gauge 18,19,20,21; 3/4"×3/4", wire Gauge 16,17,18,19,20,21.

Hot-dipped galvanized welded wire mesh

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh

Hot-Dipped galvanized welded wire mesh panels/rolls are made of low carbon steel wire, iron wire. Galvanized welded wire mesh is used for buildings and construction.

Green PVC coated welded wire mesh roll in plastic film package

PVC Coated Welded Mesh

PVC coated welded wire mesh panels are used as fencing in agriculture, mine developing and sports field. Here shows PVC welded wire mesh sizes and photos.

Two rolls of galvanized welded wire mesh

GBW Wire Mesh

GBW wire mesh is based on surface treatment of welded wire mesh. It is widely used in many fields. Learn more about the product features and specifications can provide a good help for customers to choose.

GAW welded wire mesh short rolls

GAW Wire Mesh

Galvanized After Welded Wire Mesh is widely used in many fields. Because it is strong and durable, it also has special specifications for customers to choose.

Galvanized welded wire panels on the ground

Welded Wire Panels

Welded wire panels also called welded wire fence panels, made from stainless steel, PVC coated or zinc plating welded wire mesh with biggest bar 12 mm.

A stack of seamless steel pipes on the ground.

Welded Steel Pipe

Welded steel pipe has strong and economic of features widely used in power plant piping, outfalls and fittings. There is standard specification for users to choose.

A piece of stainless steel square welded wire mesh panel on a woman's hand

Square Welded Wire Mesh

Square Welded Wire Mesh is named for the hole type. There are black vinyl coated welded mesh, galvanized welded wire mesh and PVC coated square welded wire mesh.

Reinforcing bar mesh panels with large square holes

Reinforcing Mesh

Reinforcing Mesh is widely used in bridges and highway for costs less with common binding wire. Different sizes and materials can be offered according to your needs.

Red heavy type welded wire mesh panel

Heavy Type Welded Mesh

Heavy type welded wire mesh is used for floor heating reinforcement and building structure, mesh size 12.7, 31.7, 50.8, 101.6 mm.

A roll of stainless steel welded wire mesh on the work platform, one section unfolded.

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh

Stainless steel welded wire mesh with 320, 304, 316L, no need surface treatment can last long for the corrosion resistance compared to galvanized welded wire meshes.

Many bright galvanized welded wire panels ready to package

Bright G.I. Welded Wire Mesh

Bright GI welded wire mesh specifications: (closed/ round edge): mesh 25-60 mm, SWG 16-38, width 1 m, length 60 m.

Razor Wire

Razor wire, with concertina, flat and straight types can supply maximum safety coefficient for the military sites, residences, prison and airport.

A roll of galvanized concertina razor wire on the ground.

Concertina Razor Wire

Concertina razor wire with single or double spiral can be used individually or combined with wire mesh fence panels for airport, prison, military site security.

A welded type flat razor wire on the ground.

Flat Razor Wire

Flat razor wire with welded or flatted types is an alternative the concertina razor wire to protect airport, factory and residences.

A piece of green color straight razor wire fence is raised by the round post.

Straight Razor Wire

Straight razor wire fence can be welded into fence panels for security of residences, prison, airport and military sites.

Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed wire fence with various anti-corrosive materials, multi-type structures and complete accessories for protecting farm, factory and other sites safety.

A roll of barbed wire with plastic handle on the white background.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire has different types including reverse twist barbed wire, single strand barbed wire to be used for farm or combined with various wire mesh fences.

A roll of concertina barbed wire on the ground with a detail of connection joint and clip.

Concertina Barbed Wire

Concertina barbed wire with similar structure to concertina razor wire is widely used with various wire mesh fences for residence, prison and factory safety.

Two galvanized fence stays on the white background.

Barbed Wire Fence Stay

Fence stay has spiral wire structure is widely used to stabilize and tighten structure of barbed wire fence and woven field fence.

A bundle of T studded post on the ground.

Barbed Wire Fence Post

Barbed wire fence, with star picket, T studded post and other types can improve the stability and durability of fence system.

A barbed fence staple with double barbs on the white background.

Barbed Wire Fence Staple

Barbed wire fence staple with solid structure is an necessary accessory to hold barbed wire fence onto wooden post firmly.

White metal fence panels are installed onto the peach post.

Peach Post

Peach post with anti-theft structure and anti-corrosion surface is widely used in railway, airport and residences for metal fence panel supporting and securing.

A white pigtail post is fastened on the grassland with a electric line in the pigtails.

Electric Fencing Post

Electric fencing post, with steel or PP materials is widely used in the farms and other places for pig, cattle or other animal rearing.

A cross section of T studded post on the ground.

T Studded Post

T studded post in USA type has galvanized, bitumen coated and PVC coated types for supporting barbed wire or welded wire fencing.

A cross section of Euro T post.

Euro T Post

Euro T post is high tensile strength and durable to withstand high impact from wind or external forces in metal fence system.

A cross section of galvanized star picket.

Star Picket

Star picket, also called T post, is specialized designed for farm fence to rear cattle, horse, deer and other animals in farms, pens and loafing areas.

Several square posts with plastic films on the ground with one opened.

Square Post

Square post, galvanized or PVC coated is widely used in anti-climb, 3D security fence or other security fence system for securing and supporting metal fence panels.

Several round posts with plastic bags on the ground.

Round Post

Round post, galvanized or PVC coated types is widely used for securing and fastening chain link fence, roll top fence and 3D security fences.

Two sign boards are mounted onto the green color U channel sign post.

Steel Sign Post

Steel sign post, galvanized or baked enamel surface U channel, square or round pipe is widely used for supporting signs in temporary or permanent applications.

A horse in the pen made of welded wire horse fence.

Welded Wire Horse Fence

Welded wire horse fence, manufactured with steel wires or pipes supplies high tensile strength to secure horse and livestock in the area and resist intruders.

A piece of green Euro fence is surrounding the garden.

Welded Wire Garden Fence

Welded wire garden fence with crimped meshes and PVC coated surface is durable to be used as garden boundary fence to protect flowers and vegetables.

Three cattle are locked in the area by welded wire cattle fence.

Welded Wire Cattle Fence

Welded wire cattle fence with smooth and solid structure and anti-corrosion performance is durable as the cattle fence or livestock fence in farms.

Three rolls of galvanized welded roofing safety mesh on the background.

Roof Safety Mesh

Welded roof safety mesh offers fall protection for workers when working at heights in building and housing roof construction, complying with standard AS/NZS 4389.

A roll of galvanized self-furring welded wire lath with furring crimp details and wire end details.

Welded Wire Lath

Galvanized welded wire lath, flat or self-furring, with or without backing, designed as a base for interior plaster and exterior stucco, complies with ASTM C933-14.

Several galvanized welded steel grating on the ground.

Welded Steel Grating

Welded Steel Gratings have some types: plain welded steel grating, standard welded steel bar grating and welded railroad grating. All sizes and materials are available.

A detail of welded wire screen meshes.

Welded Wire Screen

Welded wire screen is a new kind of flat welded wire mesh products, can replace wire mesh cloth, perforated plate and other metal sifting materials as components for rotary screen, quarry screen.

A small roll of green PVC coated welded euro fence

Welded Euro Fence

Welded Euro Fence is a common using network for it fast installation, long life time and other benefits. The customers can free choose different materials and specifications according to yourself requirements.

Green PVC coated double wire fence for road fence

Galvanized Double Wire Fence

Galvanized double wire fence with 2 × 2.5 m panel 50 × 200 mm mesh, 4.9 mm wire, square post 60 × 60 with 1.5 mm wall. 2.5 m long, metal clamp bolts and screws.

Welded bending fence around the small farm house

Welded Wire Fence

Welded wire fence as security fencing used in house, roads, gardens and agricultural application. Galvanized and PVC welded wire fence 50 mm × 50 mm to 100 mm × 100 mm with 3 mm to 5.5 mm wires.

A piece of 358 security mesh fence with light-green polymer powder coating, mesh openings small than finger.

Welded Security Fence

Welded wire security fence is the high protective and contains high technology fence. 358 security mesh fence for the specific primary purpose of discouraging people from entering or leaving an area.

Welded wire mesh machine in our workshop

Welded Wire Machine

Welded wire machine has a variety of types, and road fence wire machine is kind of this machine. It is widely used for save materials and has own technical parameters.

Welded gabions filled with white stones are installed as the staircase.

Welded Gabion Box

Welded gabion box with solid structure and durable service life can decorate your garden, street and protects the sites and coastal.

A worker is lifting the crab trap and several crabs in the trap.

Welded Mesh for Crab Trap

Welded wire mesh with anti-corrosive materials and tough structure is solid and durable to be used as lobster trap, crab trap, pin fish trap and other traps.

Welded wire container 4

Welded Wire Container

Welded Wire Mesh Products: welded wire containers, welded wire baskets, welded wire cages for pets. Various types, specifications, materials and applications.

A welded wire gate made from welded wire panel welded to round tube frame

Gate of Welded Fence

Here are mainly describe the surface treatment methods and application of welded fence gates. Customers can choose according to their requiring.

A man is checking copper alloy chain link fences installed in the lake.

Copper Alloy Aquaculture Mesh

Copper alloy aquaculture mesh with naturally anti-biofouling and anti-corrosion performance is widely used in aquaculture to increase fish harvest.

Two chicken in the chicken coop made of hardware cloth and several plants grows outside.

Welded Mesh Poultry Netting

Hardware cloth and welded wire mesh with galvanized or PVC coating materials are widely used for poultry barrier fence, poultry netting and poultry batteries.

Mink cages on the ground and several minks in the cage.

Welded Wire Mesh for Animal Cage

We can supply you hot dipped galvanized or PVC coating welded wire meshes of animal cage for breeding, protecting and trapping animals.

A automatic welded mesh machine.

Automatic Welded Mesh Machine

Here mainly introduce a new type welded wire machine. Automatic welded mesh machine which has sophisticated technical parameters and a variety of types for you to choose.

Several pieces of crowd control barriers are installed surrounding the grassland.

Temporary Fences in Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire temporary fence is a common temporary fence. This fence can quickly and easily be installed. There are standard specifications for customers to choose.

A bundle of galvanized welded reinforcing concrete meshes.

Welded Reinforcement Concrete Mesh

Welded reinforcement concrete mesh as construction materials in buildings. There are welded mesh reinforcement for concrete, slab reinforcement mesh, heavy type welded wire mesh.

A machine is installing the welded wire mesh onto artificial support roof.

Welded Wire Mine Support Mesh

Welded wire mine support mesh, made of low carbon steel or galvanized steel wire or reinforced bars is widely used for coal mine tunnel and roadway supporting.

A worker is standing on a blue machine platform and spraying concrete through the welded wire mesh slope surface.

Shotcrete Slope Protection Used Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh is the most popular slope shotcrete used mesh, and shotcrete protection is the most economical one among slope erosion control treatments.

Several PVC coated 3D security fences with three curves surrounding the factory.

3D Security Fence

3D security welded fence with curves on the panel supplies high security for commercial, military and construction sites.

A green PVC coated double wire fence is installed at football field.

Welded Football Field Fence

Welded football field fence with stronger structure, greater safety, is used in school, park, playground as fencing barrier to prevent ball out, protect people.

Several pieces of vinyl coated welded wire mesh fabric on the ground.

Vinyl-Coated Welded Wire Fabric for Reinforcement

Vinyl coated welded wire fabric has colorful surface, corrosion resistance property and durable service life for reinforcement.

Several pieces of epoxy coated welded wire meshes on the ground.

Epoxy Coated Steel Wire and Welded Wire Reinforcement

Epoxy coated steel wire and welded wire mesh with high strength, anti-age and corrosion resistant feature is widely used for earth and concrete reinforcement.

Dark green palisade fence is surrounding the factory.

Palisade Fence

palisade fence, with corrugated and angle pales and different head types can be used with palisade gates for high security applications.

Several welded razor wire are installed outside of the prison wall.

Welded razor wire fence

Welded razor wire fence with curvy or anti-climb types has high tensile, double protective and durable for site protection.

Galvanised hog wire panels with wooden post for a pig pen, five pigs in it.

Hog Wire Fence

Galvanised welded hog wire fence panels with smooth finish is perfect for cattle, pig, goat, sheep enclosure, and hog wire panel trellis, garden fence and railing design.

Anti-intruder fences with outward cranked intermediate posts.

Anti-Intruder Fence

Anti-intruder fence with razor barbed wires, has chain link and welded mesh types to be used in commercial and military areas to prevent intruders in.

Black chain link mesh with square holes for basketball fencing, many people in it playing.

Chain Link Razor Wire Fence

Chain link fence with concertina razor barbed wire on top for playground, highway, prisons and military high security fencing system, mini mesh chain link offered.