Welded Wire Mesh Panels in Architecture Application

Welded wire mesh is a kind of metal mesh material whose wire has firm welded points through the electric current. This kind of material has good holistic and it's strong, wearable and is of nice corrosion resistance. What’s more, the production technology is easy and owns high degree industrialization. Welded wire mesh owns a better prospect than the other metal meshes in the market.

A worker is installing the reinforcing mesh on the building site.
Welded wire mesh is used for reinforcing mesh.

On the developed countries, welded wire mesh panels are extensively used in roads, airport runway, shipbuilding, architecture and husbandry. For these years, the welded wire mesh almost takes the place of the previous steel wire mesh, expanded metal sheets and reinforcing steel bar mesh.

In the last century early seventies, China had been produced the welded wire mesh. At first, the production quantity of the welded wire mesh is low and it can only meet the husbandry. When the yield increases it can just supply for the foreign trade. With increasing of the yield, the quality of the welded wire mesh panels is high and it is classified as export inspection free products. Not only does the welded wire mesh supply for the foreign trade, but also supplies for domestic trade. The anti-crack reinforcement mesh made of welded wire mesh is used for dimensional cross bridge deck on Beijing and Guangzhou airport runway. The box-shaped toilet's panels are made of the welded wire mesh in Tangshan new architecture. For the other aspects on architecture, the welded wire mesh panels have bright application prospect too.

  1. The welded wire mesh can be extensively used on architecture, such as balcony baffle, railings, sewage bucket and washing pots.
  2. The welded wire mesh applications for architectural decoration: suspended ceiling, the reinforcement mesh for the wall, plasterboard, the skeleton of the cement board, safety lampshade of the gym and stage, anti-crack reinforcement mesh for the ground, the bottom steel bar, the fixed mesh of the cold insulation material.
  3. The welded wire mesh panels can also be used on the acoustic laboratory in forming skeleton and shielding material. The special-shaped components painted by the cement mortar are made by the welded wire mesh such as pool, trench and leak proof mesh.
  4. The material protective layer for the overhead or buried pipeline is also welded wire mesh.
  5. The welded wire mesh could even be used for new large span structure case, the wire bar of the sheet.
  6. The welded wire mesh is good material for repairing the old architecture and reinforcement.

There are varieties of welded wire mesh specification. The wire is 2 gauge flat furnace steel and is imported from Japan. This wire production technology is cold drawing. There are kinds of gauges for the wire. The mesh opening has many types. The wire mesh has two shapes, square and rectangle. The wire mesh can be galvanized or not according to needs.

It's the development for the metal wire market that the welded wire mesh panels would take the place of other metal wires. The welded wire mesh is widely used in the architecture. The above is just the small part of the welded wire mesh application introduction.

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